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More introduction about 5A molecular sieves

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5A Molecular Sieves


5A molecular sieve, also called Calcium A molecular sieve, non-toxic, odorless, nonflammable, non-explosive, insoluble in water and organic solvents, but soluble in strong acid and strong base. Its pore diameter is 5×10-10m, can adsorb any molecules which pore diameter is smaller than 5×10-10m. In addition to the effect of 3A, 4A molecular sieves, it also can adsorb C3-C4 n-alkanes, ethylene chloride, bromoethane, butanol, etc. Yuanying 5A molecular sieve can be applied to pressure swing adsorption separation, heterogeneous hydrocarbon separation and coadsorption of water and carbon dioxide. 5A molecular sieve has ion exchange capacity and catalytic activity, also has a great affinity to water, under high temperature still has good adsorption ability, it has good catalysisto some organic gas phase reaction.


Let sodium aluminate, sodium silicate and sodium hydroxide hybrid reaction according to certain molar ratio (normally Al2O3:SiO2:Na2O:H2O=1:2:3:185), keeping temperature>40℃, with violent stirring, heating up reaction gel to102℃±2℃, remain this temperature till static crystallization, then filtration washing, adding calcium chloride for ion exchange (exchange 70%), then filtration washing, drying, adding adhesives kneading, molding, finally burning activating get 5A molecular sieve.

5A molecular sieves application

1. The depth desiccation and purification of gases and liquids, purification of nitrogen, hydrogen, cleaning hydrogen sintering furnace

2. Through a selective adsorption process, isolated n-alkane frombranched-chain hydrocarbon and cyclic hydrocarbon, currently in industry used for large-scale pressure alkane separation process

3. Desiccation, desulfurization, removal of carbon dioxide for petroleum, petroleum gas and natural gas

4. Nitrogen oxygen separation, nitrogen hydrogen separation, making oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen

5. Petroleum dewaxing, can be used as a adsorbent in dewaxing technology based on vapour as desorbent.